Thursday, August 14, 2008

One knee down for Dad

Ok, Dad went in for knee surgery this morning and three hours later he is now in recovery and being moved to his room. He opted to have just one knee done instead of both. Thanks to Jasmine for being there with Mom and Dad so they had an advocate for them as far as information goes. Not to mention just being there. It is one of the hard things about living on the other side of the point of the mountain, the distance. From what Mom said they found multiple bone spurs which would account for so much of the pain that he had. I wont get a chance to talk to him until this evening as he is sleeping off the local anaesthesia. Ashlynn kept getting upset with seeing Papa with an oxygen mask on.

Dad and Jessica both have birthdays next week. Dad on Sunday and Jess on Saturday. I am hoping that we can afford the gas so we can go up for a visit. That way Dad can show us his new scars.

Talking about Jess. She did an incredible job co-hosting on Good Things Utah last week. She hosted on Wednesday and although I was sick Scott and I got to watch her at home. Scott thought it was pretty cool to his Aunt on TV. What an incredible experience for her. A once in a lifetime kind of moment. Jess has more pictures on her blog if you want to see them. Oh, so does Jasmine as her and Mom were able to go down and watch her in person. I was so bummed to not make it! But what a thrill for Jess. Yeah Jess!!!
Quick update on Scott. We saw the ENT yesterday but were unable to determine if he needed to have the tube removed from his left ear because he currently has an ear infection. Dr. Denys believes that the right tube will fall out of his ear canal any day now. So we have 10 days of drops and then back to see Dr. Denys to see if the infection has cleared. If it has then we can determine when and how to remove the tube. I am hoping that it will fall out on its own. We do have a few more months for this to happen. If the infection has cleared then he will see the audiologist for the hearing test. With the infection in full bloom Dr. Denys said that we would not get an accurate reading. His next appointment is on Monday the 25th @ 10:30. So Scott will have a full week of school before his misses his first day of school of the new year.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

But summer isn't over yet.....

Well, the reason for the long delay in blog messages is that last week I was down with a sinus infection that just kicked my butt. I was down and out for a full three days. Barely staying awake enough to know where my son was and what he was into. Yeah, what he was into... He is six and when the cat is sick the mouse will play. I am still not over the sinus infection and am now just barely keeping my head above water.

I am shock at quickly the summer has flown by. I am in total getting ready for school mode. Trying to figure out what to buy in the way of clothes and shoes and we don't find out what schedule Scott is on until the Thursday before he starts school.

I also have to take him to the audiologist on the 13th to determine how much hearing loss he has. We have been battling ear problems with Scott since he was two weeks old. We no sooner have the tubes out then we are back to ear infections and chronic sinus problems. In his last physical it was determined that he was suffering from mild hearing loss and still has a tube in that needs to be removed. So we will find out how much hearing loss there is and if he will need to have surgery to remove the tube in the ear canal and the one remaining in the ear drum. I am sincerely hoping it will be an in office sort of thing they can do. I cannot afford for Scott to actually have to go thru a surgery. Not to mention he has hard time coming out of anesthesia and he is groggy for a good day or so.

On Saturday the 2nd Star and I celebrated our 8th anniversary! It is hard to believe it has been 8 years. There are days when it seems just like yesterday that we were married. Although our eight years have been full of financial and health crisis's we are more in love now than we were the day we married. I would not trade any of the last eight years for anything. Despite everything we have been truly blessed. The Lord continues to look out for us despite the fact that we come up lacking most of the time. Our biggest blessing of course is Scott and has brought much JOY into our lives and I look forward to each milestone, OK sometimes I do approach them with some trepidation. When he started school I was not sure I wanted him to leave and when school ended I was thinking what am I going to do with him.

Star and I had free passes for a movie so we went to see the latest Mummy movie and then we went to Los Hermonas and we shared a plate of Nachos. We managed to spend under $30 for the whole date. It was really nice to be together with out Scott. Eve took Scott to Scera park where he could play in the water and sprinklers. It really is a fun place.

We enjoyed the the Mummy but did not care for the actress that played Evie. The chemistry between the main characters just was not there. Other than that it was a typical Mummy movie with all the cheesy lines and lots of Brendan Frasier. We will undoubtedly buy it when it is released so we can complete our collection. We did go see Mama Mia the weekend before and LOVED it.

I have been trying to load some pictures from our wedding but they will not seem to load. So maybe I will put them in a slide show on my sidebar. We recently reformatted our hard drive and put stuff on a CD, now I can't load them. Anyway keep looking for them in the next day or two.

By the way, Robyn, thank you for your email about the meanest mom. Thank you, it meant a lot to me. Your right, it will not be the last time I hear it. :)