Friday, May 15, 2009

Does life ever stop for a breather?

Well, k, here is the latest and greatest with us. One week till Star's surgary and he comes down with Bells Palsey on the left side of his face. So that means that we spend several days making and taking calls from his regular doctor and his surgeon. To top it all off we have maxed out Star's benefits for the year so we have to pay for all of this out ofpocket. Fun, huh! Well after days of calls back and forth Dr. Duros and Dr. Rasmussen decide to put the surgary off for two weeks while the steriods leave Star's system. Well, they schedule it for the 21st and that is two days before his sister gets married so that wont work. So now it is scheduled for the 26th. At least he will be able to be at the wedding and enjoy Memorial Day before hand.

I do have to say that if it was not for the health benefits of IsAgenix that Star would be far worse off than he is. I know that people are like ya, ya. But until you experience the health benefits for yourself don't turn your nose up at the product. After being sick for so many years I am finally able to function and am so happy about it. I am growing the business side of it as well and if I call you about and your not interested in building a second stream of income in this economy just tell me no and I will not be upset or offended. But do do do take a look at the health properties of the products!!!!

Does anyone know of anyone who would like to buy a 2001 Ford Taurus for around $4000.00? Call me or leave a comment.