Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Wow I cannot believe that Christmas has passed! I have no idea where the last four months of the year went. Starting school threw my little world for a spin, which I enjoyed immensely, and I am still trying to figure out how to catchup on certain things and with people. I am not as good at juggling things like I used to. But I also have found that school opened up so many other doors that I am having a hard time not walking thru them all at the same time.

But let me back up just a little. To Christmas. Christmas was small and simple. I was not able to shop until the 23rd and the 24th. Which I do not recommend. But Star and I had a greed not to exchange gifts this year so I focused on stocking stuffers and then I did have to shop with Scott for gifts for both Star and I and also aunt Evie. Which is funny how quickly things add up. So I finished up the shopping along with grocery shopping and we started Christmas Eve around 7pm.

As usual Eve and this time Janice as well, managed to find the perfect gift for Scott. They both made him a cameo outfit. Badges, pins, hat, socks, shoes, belt, you name it they found it or made it. He loved everything! Eve managed to make and put together cameo pj's. That all just made his Christmas.

Having managed to wrap all the gifts earlier in the week(when there aren't that many gifts it makes it very easy and quick) we had no need to stay up really late. Scott of course woke up early. Shocker there. But we fiddled around until8:15 and decided to wake Evie and begin our morning. We quickly downed breakfast and began the unwrapping part of the morning. It was all very simple and quite. Unusually quite with out Ammon here.

We spent the rest of the day playing games and watching Mama Mia! Which currently has a cult following in our house. We tried to focus on the call from Ammon but by 5pm Eve was getting pretty antsy and threatening to call the Mission president. Finally around 5:15 we got a brief call letting us know that he would call in about an hour or so after his dinner apt. Which gave us time to get our dinner over with. When we finally got the call we were able to talk to him for a really long time. I would say at least an hour or so. It was so nice to hear his voice.

I am going to wrap up quickly here and try to throw up some pictures. I am currently on Star's laptop and with my long nails makes it hard to type.