Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's official-I am a mean Mom!

So, it finally happened. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I have been told it would. I have read about it happening. I mean it is not like we need to alert Oprah or the morning talk shows. It happens to every parent at some point in their long journey of parenthood. I was informed by my six year old son, Scott, that I am a mean mom. For which I promptly replied, "I must be doing something right."

This was met with complete silence before Star started in on one of his mini sermons. Before he could get to far Scott ran out of the room crying. Which is a pretty typical response from him. He never bothers to finish hearing what we are actually trying to say. He hears a few key words and off he goes. I secretly think that Star does it on purpose.

The silly thing is that it was over playing a game of Sorry with the Bartholomew's. It was already going on 8:30. Now, in all honesty, he does love to spend time with the Bartholomew's. They are an incredible family even if Scott and John have a hard time getting along.

I of course found the perfect Calvin and Hobbs cartoon. It is about his Dad but I felt it worked in this situation.

I guess I took a serious dip in the polls tonite. Ahhh, I am sure it is not the last time that I will hear my son utter those words to me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Calvin & Hobbs

About two weeks ago Eve and I were sitting on the back porch watching Scott doing his usual antics of war when during our banter back and forth she said that Scott was like Calvin. I gave her a funny look and she says as in Calvin and Hobbs. As soon as she said it I knew she was right! Calvin is not malicious but he is definitely mischievous. He has a best friend that is a stuffed tiger with a personality all its own. Everyone of Scott's stuffed animals have personalities and he converses with them, even sometimes to me and Dad. And heaven forbid that one of them should come up missing. We lost a small elephant named Dumbo over a year ago. He still cries every now and then for it. He secretly blames Aunt Jasmine for it, sorry gotta blame someone :)!

As we are sitting there talking we discuss particularly the snow cartoons because Scott is a snow boy. A Utah boy thru and thru! We could see Scott building an army of snowmen just to turn around and have war with them where they all get annihilated.

There are so many similarities that it is just uncanny. It has definitely helped us understand what he does sometimes. I sent these two strips to Ammon. The first I stated was what Scott must be thinking when I send him to bed.

This next one is more a question of spirit of the law vs the letter of the law, that line I think gets blurred for children. Although it frustrates me when I look back I laugh about it.

I found a few about bike riding that just made me bust up. Because I look back I think to myself "Really, that has to be what he was thinking."

I hope that these cartoons will be legible for everyone to read. If not email me and I will send them to you via email.
Cheerio for now.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Bike part 2

So this is a picture of Scott's new bike. For FHE Eve and I took him over to the park so he could practice riding it and play on the playground. Problem that Scott has is that Star told him it was to big for him and now Scott is afraid to ride it. He just can't seem to grasp what he needs to do. Eve and I both tried really hard to get him to ride it. After a big meltdown Eve and I decided that we needed to take the bike back and get a smaller one for him. His old bike was 16 inches and this one is 20 inches. So off to Walmart we go. Surprisingly Scott is alright with all of this. Usually he gets attached to things quickly and has a hard time letting them go. He did kiss his bike goodbye the entire time we were on our way to Walmart. Anyway we get there and start checking out the bikes. There only seems to be 20 incher's. We did find one 18 inch boy bike. Eve got to looking at one of the 20 inch bikes and it looked like it had a smaller frame so she didn't tell Scott it was a 20 inch and let him try to ride it. He was great on it. And it was $20 cheaper than the other one. So here is a picture of the new bike.
As soon as I could get the tags off his new helmet he was off like a shot riding the newest bike which is named Rocket. This bike is a thinner frame and the bar in the middle will not hit him in crotch and continue to make him sore. The poor boy was getting terrified of how many times he was getting hit down there. In fact I just came in from him showing off his bike to my friend across the street, Robyn Stufflebeam. She just thinks that Scott is the cutest thing since slice bread. And the social boy that my son is he likes to chat her up when ever he can. I do Robyn's nails for her so he gets to see her on a regular basis.

So, that is the latest on the new bike. That is what has occupied us for the past week and half. It is hard to believe that school starts so soon. August 18th will come really quick.

A quick shout out to Jess and Jeff who celebrate their anniversary on the 28th. Next month is us and Jasmine and Matt, and Jay and Leslie (if they are still together).

Monday, July 21, 2008

New bike

Ok, I have spent two days playing with this thing and while being sick too. It is driving me crazy. Not to mention that we reformatted our computer and now it is acting even more funny that it was before. It is just crazy. But I think that I have it where I want it to be for the next day or two.

Our biggest event in the last week was that Scott learned to ride his bike with out training wheels. WOW! He has been so proud of himself! We had to call Grandma and Papa to tell them all about it. Then we called Aunt Jasmine. On Saturday Aunt Evie took him out to Walmart where he got a lot of help picking out a new bike. It is silver and neon yellow. I was quite happy with the color as he will be easily seen with it. It is a little big so he is having to adjust to that. Star of course told him the bike was to big so he was afraid to ride it. I told him we would take it out onto the back cement patio and have him practice like he did before. In no time he will running around the neighborhood on his new bike. I will try to put some pictures in soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Scott-Churchill Family Blog

Ok, I have started other blogs but since two of my sisters have started this I figured it was the best way to go. Now I can keep with everyone up north and maybe, just maybe Ammon can keep up with us on P-Day's. I will have to write and ask him. It is late and I want to play around a bit.