Thursday, February 19, 2009

2.5 inches lost

Quick update, in one week I have lost two and half inches. I feel better most of the time and my skin is starting to look better than I have seen it years. I am way excited about IsAgenix!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tirade on Medical Dr's

Ok, it has been a while since I updated. Sorry for that. I have simply allowed life to get in the way. But I have several thing happening all at once and I find myself excited about it. I am going to test at the beginning of next month for both state test's so that I will be licensed as a nail tech in the state of Utah. I had to delay for two weeks when I found myself stressed out to the point that I climbed into bed for 2 days and then I got the stomach flu yesterday so needless to say I rescheduled my exams for two weeks out.

The other thing that we did was we decided after many many many discussions on how frustrated we are with modern medicine and doctors to try IsAgenix. We feel there is nothing that doctors seem to be able to do or want to do to assist you when you hit a wall in your health care. Star has done just about everything the doctors have asked him to do in order to control his diabetes with no success. They put him on more med's, no change. They take him off all but one and still no change. Go on special diets/fasting still no change. As for me, after having C-Diff and Scott I have struggled with memory problems and losing weight. When I talk to doctors about my memory problems they just make a note and start asking questions about other things. I cannot get any of them to take this seriously. I know that I am in my 30's but it does not make it normal for me. Same thing with my thyroid and hormones. I can't afford to see specialists so what do you do? You start researching and Star and I came across some friends who introduced us to IsAgenix. Not only did I fall in love with thier products but we joined the company.

Other than having the flu yesterday I have noticed an increase in my stamina level for my daily activities. I noticed the same thing for Star. He started a day after I did, so while I lay in bed sick, I noticed his energy level. Very frustrating when you want to puke. He had a little more stamina than he normally did after spending the day on the phones with customers. I could hear it in his voice. That is what amazed me. Especially since the day before all he talked about was how tired he was since we had gotten to bed late for the past week.

I will be honest that this was not a cheap investment that we made. Neither was it terribley expensive. But it has replaced what I normally eat and thus not increasing my monthly grocery bill. I think that was what impressed me the most about the product was not only was it a live food and not filled with the fillers that you get when you buy over the counter but that this is not taken on top of your daily food as a supplement but it replaces two meals a day. I don't know if I am explaining this correctly but this is how I looked at when I got involved. After all the health issues I needed to find another route in order to help my family. First and foremost this is not a weight loss program, it is a natural side affect as you get your body back into its natural harmonic state. We all know this, we used to be taught this at an early age. These days there are so many lawsuits out there that doctors and people in general are afraid to talk to people any more about what real nutrion is because it is hard to find and almost impossible to get at your grocery store. IsAgenix is backed by some of the top nutrional experts/doctors in the US. What sold me was when Dr. Weil who was the nutrionist for 2 US presidents backed this product I was done. I joined and started the program.

Ok ok I will quit gushing about the product. But I will keep posting on our progress with the product. Because for the first time in 8 years of health problems I feel I have found the light at the end of the tunnel. Scott has even joined us.

So now you have the two biggest items in our lives. The other thing is that we hope to buy a house this summer. Will keep you posted on that as well.

If you want to know more about isagenix, with out feeling like you have to sit thru a presentation, which I wouldn't do to you!, you can go to and look around and read up on some of the products.