Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Wow I cannot believe that Christmas has passed! I have no idea where the last four months of the year went. Starting school threw my little world for a spin, which I enjoyed immensely, and I am still trying to figure out how to catchup on certain things and with people. I am not as good at juggling things like I used to. But I also have found that school opened up so many other doors that I am having a hard time not walking thru them all at the same time.

But let me back up just a little. To Christmas. Christmas was small and simple. I was not able to shop until the 23rd and the 24th. Which I do not recommend. But Star and I had a greed not to exchange gifts this year so I focused on stocking stuffers and then I did have to shop with Scott for gifts for both Star and I and also aunt Evie. Which is funny how quickly things add up. So I finished up the shopping along with grocery shopping and we started Christmas Eve around 7pm.

As usual Eve and this time Janice as well, managed to find the perfect gift for Scott. They both made him a cameo outfit. Badges, pins, hat, socks, shoes, belt, you name it they found it or made it. He loved everything! Eve managed to make and put together cameo pj's. That all just made his Christmas.

Having managed to wrap all the gifts earlier in the week(when there aren't that many gifts it makes it very easy and quick) we had no need to stay up really late. Scott of course woke up early. Shocker there. But we fiddled around until8:15 and decided to wake Evie and begin our morning. We quickly downed breakfast and began the unwrapping part of the morning. It was all very simple and quite. Unusually quite with out Ammon here.

We spent the rest of the day playing games and watching Mama Mia! Which currently has a cult following in our house. We tried to focus on the call from Ammon but by 5pm Eve was getting pretty antsy and threatening to call the Mission president. Finally around 5:15 we got a brief call letting us know that he would call in about an hour or so after his dinner apt. Which gave us time to get our dinner over with. When we finally got the call we were able to talk to him for a really long time. I would say at least an hour or so. It was so nice to hear his voice.

I am going to wrap up quickly here and try to throw up some pictures. I am currently on Star's laptop and with my long nails makes it hard to type.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A quick catch up....

Ok, I cannot believe a month has passed since I last posted. I swore that I would not let that happen. Well true to form in trying to catch up with Dad's passing, birthdays, and school it has been a tad overwhelming. Star was layed off for two weeks while transistioning to another account and has returned to work this week. I will shortly post some pictures from Scott's first birthday party, guess what theme that was? Yeah you guessed it Pirates.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stories of Starford Leroy Churchill Jr

These are some stories that my husband Star has put together about his father.

Starford Leroy Churchill Jr.
June 25, 1927 to October 7, 2008

Dad’s Stories:

When Star was still a baby (about four to eight months) his family had a dog named Expert Tippy King (German Sheppard, I think). One day while his mom (Dorothea) was doing some ironing in the laundry area, Star had rolled out of bed, between the bed and the wall, pinning himself there. The dog heard the noise and trotted out to the kitchen and began tugging at Dorothea’s dress, then went back to Star’s room with Dorothea following. As she entered the room she saw that Star had fallen between the bed and wall and was having difficulty breathing. She was able to move the bed and get Star untangled from the sheets. King was a hero for saving Star’s life.

When Star was in school (somewhere in the middle grades) he was harassed by a group of kids that were always chasing him home and/or beating him up. Star did everything he could to avoid this group, taking different routes home, leaving as soon as the bell rang and running all the way home or staying late after school helping his teacher with odd chores. One day as he was running home and being chased by the group of bullies, he was spotted his father, who was out with his crew from the fire house. When Star Sr. got home, he called Star down stairs under the house (away from Dorothea) to find out what was going on. Star explained what had been happening and Star Sr. registered Star in a boxing training program at the local gym. After several weeks of instruction and training Star was once more on his own. Once again Star was being chased home by this group of kids, when he rounded a corner into lot and discovered that his father and the squad were there. Star was caught between a rock and a hard place. He decided to turn and face the oncoming group of kids and to take on the leader first. With a few well placed punches he managed to quickly eliminate the threat of a beating, not of the group of kids, but from his father, who was watching from the fire truck.

As a teenager in high school, Star had a very eventful life with his school buddies. There are several stories that I will try to tell:

One such event was the story of the pipe bomb, which as I remember happened during the early years of WWII. The boys had made a pipe bomb and decided to blow it up, so one night they got together and buried it in a large field near a movie theater. A few nights later they decided that it should be detonated, so they went to the movies (with the exception of Star, because he had been grounded that night), at intermission, one of the boys snuck out, wired the bomb to a detonator, and set it off. As it turns out, it had been buried between an Anti-Aircraft Gun and a Barrage Balloon; the resulting explosion put the Pacific side of the Canal Zone on Red Alert and the Atlantic Side on Yellow Alert. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident, but somehow the culprits were found and taken before the Military Commander of the Canal Zone for reprimanding.

Along with the previous story, Star was making a pipe bomb of his own in the back of the family garage. It was not something he was in a hurry to do and he had been working on it for weeks, slowly. One day as Star was messing around in the garage, a police officer walked up the sidewalk and stopped in front, calling Star out of the garage, he asked the office if something was wrong, the officer replied simply, telling Star to dismantle the pipe bomb and dispose of the components. Star looked puzzled and asked the officer, what are you talking about. The officer replied: would you like me to tell your father. With that Star said that he would take care of the issue and the officer left.

In High School, in Study Hall, Star and friends were watching Anti-Aircraft Guns test firing and decided to attempt to plot their locations. They were able to get a map, a compass, a thermometer and a stopwatch. Using their education in sciences, they would await the firing of a gun emplacement. One boy would plot the direction using the compass. Another would start the stopwatch when the gun flashed and stop it when he heard the report. The two other boy using the time and temperature would calculate the distance to the gun and mark it on the direction line already marked on the map, plotting the location of the gun. One of the boys’ Father was in command of the guns for the Pacific (west) side of the Canal Zone. This boy took the map home to show his father what they had done during Study Hall. The Father about freaked out at seeing the map. After reprimanding his son, he explained that they had missed one of the guns, but that was only because it was not firing that day, because it was (down for maintenance) being overhauled.

Star and his friends rigged a camera on a board with a trip line so when the camera was raised to the back seat window of Star’s car (just as the lens made contact with the window) a picture would be snapped. So as the boy drove around on base and saw something of interest they would raise the camera (as fast as the board could be raised and lowered) to take a picture. They did this on all the Canal Zone Bases (Army, Army Air Corps and Navy). These pictures went into an album that was presented by the boys to the Military Commander of the Canal Zone as he was leaving the Canal Zone.

Star and his friends spent a lot of time in the jungle hunting and at sea fishing. One time, Star and a couple of buddies were driving through the jungle hunting (they had rigged seats to the front bumper and side fenders of the car. Star had also read in a magazine, that if you grab a snake by the tail and snap it like you would a rope, it will break the snake’s neck region killing it) when Star spotted a snake sunny in the oath ahead. Signaling the car to stop and handing his gun off to his friend, he run ahead without any forethought to want he was doing, grabbing the snake by one end and giving it a snap, like a rope (which fortunately worked, killing the snake), because at that moment Star thought about at which end of the snake had he grabbed, turned out he had the snake by the head. LUCKY!

Star and friends had designed spear guns that used compress air canisters to launch the spears which had fifty feet of lightweight rope attached so the speared fish would hang below the diver in case sharks came by to investigate. One time they took this so call expert diver from Florida with them for some spear fishing. On the way out to a favorite fishing spot they instructed the diver on how to use the spear gun. During the adventure and after having speared some fish, a shark showed to investigate. Seeing the shark, this expert diver promptly placed the gun down between his legs and pulled the trigger, propelling himself to the surface like a ballistic missile fired from a submarine.

Papa Eagle

It has continued to be an emotional week. Dad Churchill passed away on Tuesday October 7th 2008. Six years and almost 1 month to the day that Dee passed away. The three of us took turns for 6 days sitting at his bedside. After about three days he no longer could really communicate with us but Aaron (he used to own Canyon Cove Asst Living, he and Ann stayed on as Hospice care) had informed us that hearing was the last thing to go so we could still communicate with him. We would let Dad know when we were coming and going and tell him things occasionally. After the Priesthood conference session ended on Saturday Bishop Wright came over and gave Dad a blessing. It was another one in offering him a peaceful experience.

Someone was with him during all the conference sessions and he at least got to hear about the Panama temple. I know he would have loved to have seen it in person.

The day that Dad passed Eve had gone over extra early. I stayed and took a nap and was there about 11:15 am. His breathing had become very shallow but was still very rhythmic. Hospice had given us all these signs to look for. We kept looking and looking. About 2 pm I noticed his color was a little different and was contemplating getting something to eat. Which meant leaving Canyon Cove. Instead I opted to put on some makeup. It was while I was putting on mascara that Dad took deep breathe. It made us look up as it was different from what his breathing had been. Then I noticed that he wasn't breathing and I called Eve's name and said I didn't think he was breathing, so I got up and put my hand on his chest and it was still. Then he took another half breathe and that was it. It was finally over. Eve was so happy for him that she grabbed his feet and said "way to go Dad!".

We had been telling for days that when he saw Dee to follow her. That in his present condition there was no need for him to stay. We all had been praying for a peaceful passing and that is what Dad received. We often asked him if he was in pain and he said no. We were told often of how a lot of elderly lie in intense pain for days and days before they die.

Dad lived an incredibly full life. He had the ability to tell the corniest jokes and make them funny. He was wonderful at sharing stories about his childhood in Panama and even when they moved to the states. Stories of what some might consider harrowing at times. Dad had a sureness of who he was and it showed in him and in his work as a machinist. He and Dee were truly very generous people. Not just with money but time, talent, and knowledge. One of the things that I enjoyed about Dad was that when he smiled it reached his eyes and his whole face would light up. I am going to miss that smile more than words can say. I managed to get one of those smiles with every visit up until about a week before he died.

I will try to put some pictures of Dad on our next blog.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A huge emotional week

It has truly been a very emotional week. On Monday evening I was informed that my Aunt Sue was dieing. On Tuesday I started beauty school and Tuesday night Aunt Sue passed away. I was not prepared for the emotions that over took me. I spent any break I had at school to stay in contact with various family members. On Thursday I was informed that my Father-in-law had only a few days to live. We have been expecting this and even praying for it. So once again on breaks I stayed on contact with Eve for any updates. Thursday evening we got a call that he wasn't doing good and we should come over. Well it is now Saturday and we take turns going over and sit with him. At moments he is aware of us yet most of the time he is not. It is very difficult to see him with his face so hollowed out and with no fat on his body at all. He has a rattle when he breathes. He has had no food or enough fluids to sustain his body. We expect him to pass today or tomorrow. It has truly been a rough week. Not one I would like to repeat.

Even though our faith gives us comfort in knowing that he joins our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ , not to mention his dear wife Dee and Star's son Jonathon the physical loss is still difficult to deal with.

I promise to write something more uplifting next week sometime.

Dad and Sue, I love you both and thank you for being a huge part of my life. Thank you for sharing your love with me. God Bless.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Yeah it is Fall in Utah!

I cannot believe that we are fastly approaching the end of September. I love spring and fall. The change in the way the air smells and the change in the way the air feels. There is nothing like it. I have experienced fall on the east coast. I spent a few months in Virginia and traveled thru New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire while living there. I loved it. I still have one very strong memory of being out for a drive and pulling up in front of this one tree that was of the most spectacular shades of orange. The tree literally looked like it was on fire. I grew up on the northern west coast and the seasonal changes are so subtle that they are almost unnoticeable until it is completed. Yet fall is beautiful there as well. You have the vineyards and apple farms in full harvest mode and it is a bustle that I do miss. Then there is Utah. I enjoy the obvious signs of the changes of the weather. I love to see the mountains change before the valley does. I love the crispness that comes with this time of the year. The one and only thing I do not look forward to is the snow. I appreciate it for Christmas and New Year and after that I don't want to see it. I do however get caught up in Scott's excitement of the snow. He is a true Utah child. He loves every season but none more than snow season.

As I approach the beginning of beauty school I have been in a flurry of activity, realizing that once I start I will be so tired that I will have literally no energy to do anything else but go to school and come home and rest. So in my flurry we took Scott up to Sundance on Saturday. Although he had been there before he would not remember as he was just a baby. I always forget how peaceful and beautiful it is there. There is so much more to it than just the name and the restaurant. Or the ski slopes. It is fun to attend the concerts and performances at the amphitheatre as well. At first we drove past and wound our way up the canyon. We pulled over just as the valley starts to open up, there we found a bright yellow tree. I had Star let me and Scott out so we could go pick some leaves. I was wearing the wrong shoes and could not reach the leaves and I turned around to holler at Star to join us and I noticed that we were suddenly overwhelmed with people. They just seemed to have crawled out of the forest. It was very bizarre!

After that we drove back down to Sundance and as if we called ahead found a perfect parking spot. Which was very lucky as we found out a wedding was taking place. So we just took our time meandering up the path that followed the little river. We gathered different leaves of shape and color. Also pictures of what we gathered. I love the camera that Eve got for us. It is fantastic. I enjoy taking pictures. After reaching the end of the paved path we opted to turn around and head back along the main path. We slowly made our way to the car and headed home. It was a great little adventure. I love to see Scott's excitement about things. I had to constantly remind him to keep his voice down as he just wound up about things. He is so dang cute!

The reason for the leaf gathering is that we made placemats for our missionaries to celebrate fall/halloween. We had a blast using the different leaf colors and shapes to make creative patterns. We accented with halloween stickers and stuff. We had a blast putting them together. That was our family home evening project for the week. Next week we are making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle heads stuffed with candy. It has been fun to put together little things for our missionaries. We have four out just from our street. In fact it goes our house, the Keils who live next to us on our west side have two out, and then going west again the Bartholomews. They live next to the Keils and they have one out. He happens to be Ammon's very best friend since they were 5. Then to our south across the street we have another one. So 5 just on our one street. It is pretty awesome. They are incredible missionaries and what an example for Scott.

ImageWorks Academy of Hair Design, Inc.
I have been slated to start beauty school at ImageWorks on Tuesday September 2nd. But I have not heard from the school as to whether my financial aid has come thru yet. So I am waiting for a call from the school so I can make arrangements for Scott and a prescription from the doctor so I can stay awake while at school. I am incredibly excited about going. I am really looking forward to the professional makeup coarse. I do not believe it will be what brings in the money but for those of you who know me it is all about the makeup and always has been! Not to mention it is with my ultimate favorite makeup line, MAC. I have found out that my financial has not come thru as of yet but I am going to start on Tuesday as scheduled and as soon as my student loan comes thru for $500 I will be able to take home my kit and practice. YEAH!!!!!

For those of you who have never tried it and believe in spending money on quality, you need to try MAC. As far as pricing goes it is actually cheaper than Lancome and Este Lauder. I started buying professional makeup with Este Lauder and was deeply disappointed with its quality and ability to last. A friend from Arizona turned me onto Merl Norman and I liked their makeup then a coworker from Arizona turned me onto MAC and I have never gone back. I am a contact lens wearer and I have never had a problem with their makeup causing me any issues. There makeup lasts longer and looks better than anything else I have ever tried. I did stray for a little while when I converted to mineral foundation and waited and waited for MAC to come out with theirs. Finally, yes finally they did and I was able to afford to purchase it. Early Christmas present to myself, I mean after all how could I go to school to learn professional makeup and not be wearing MAC!!!! I know, self justification!!! Not to mention that they do makeovers and I have never been disappointed with the look they created for me.

Everything from an evening eye catching look to an everyday natural look. They completely shattered my image of what colors I could or could not wear. OK, I will stop now. You can tell I am in love with MAC, enough said. Here is their link if your interested in what they offer:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Catching up....

Wow, I cannot believe that it has been over a month since I last posted anything. We have had some computer problems. We needed to reformat our computer and then update some of the software. Well I had over 7 gig of stuff that I needed to save and we just had one problem after another trying to get that downloaded. Then the first reformat we did back to factory and that loaded a bunch of stuff of we had forgotten about and didn't need bogging down our computer. We bought a floor display model and so there was a ton of junk programs that came loaded on it. So we finally get everything downloaded and the computer reformatted and up and running. Running a something different than XP and Vista so it has taken me a week to get used to it. Now my hyper somnia is in overdrive and I am once again sleeping my days away. I hate wasting so much of my time sleeping. I am also very close to starting Beauty school. If my financing comes thru I will start school on the 30th. Which only gives me a week and half to get all my sleep in and pray for all the help I can get so I can get out of bed in the morning to be at school by 8. This is what forced me to quit working in the first place, I am unable to control how or when I handle getting up when the hyper somnia is in over drive. It is for only three months so if I can just drag myself out of bed and get to Springville.......

Quick update on Dad. He is doing great!!! At first he was saying that he would not have the other knee done because the recovery was so painful. Now that he is MUCH more mobile than he has been in years he believes that he will have the other knee done next summer. We are all so proud of him. His recovery has been great. He has truly put a lot of work into it and is happy with his progress. He should be able to go back to driving his bus very soon.

We had a block party last night and let me tell you what a blast it was. Kris and Ron Bartholomew host it in their yard and all but three families showed up for it. The kids had such a blast. Kris is so creative (she should be with so many kids) she took water balloons filled them with little prizes such as coins, filled with water, and then froze them. They were the biggest hit of the party. She has been doing this for 11 years. She also had a pinata for the kids. And of course my Scott is the one that hit the poor duck pinata in just the right spot and broke it. One good whack and down the duck went. He does not realize how strong he is. The party wrapped up by 8. We did it later this year than in years past and it was weird to have it dark by 8. It was really nice because we have a neighbor that is the editor of the Daily Herold here in Provo and they showed up as well. It was great because the non LDS neighbors sometimes get a little overlooked as most of us know each other from church. We used to do neighbor parties in California and let me tell you those are some of my favorite memories. One of our neighbors was the head chef for Peir 39 in San Francisco and he was italian. Mmmmmmmmmm, man could that man cook! We had a party at thier house and played Bocce ball and dogged thier Pot Belly pig. Ahh memories.

Well that is a quick update. I will be much better from now on. It will hopefully be filled with all sorts of stuff from beauty school.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One knee down for Dad

Ok, Dad went in for knee surgery this morning and three hours later he is now in recovery and being moved to his room. He opted to have just one knee done instead of both. Thanks to Jasmine for being there with Mom and Dad so they had an advocate for them as far as information goes. Not to mention just being there. It is one of the hard things about living on the other side of the point of the mountain, the distance. From what Mom said they found multiple bone spurs which would account for so much of the pain that he had. I wont get a chance to talk to him until this evening as he is sleeping off the local anaesthesia. Ashlynn kept getting upset with seeing Papa with an oxygen mask on.

Dad and Jessica both have birthdays next week. Dad on Sunday and Jess on Saturday. I am hoping that we can afford the gas so we can go up for a visit. That way Dad can show us his new scars.

Talking about Jess. She did an incredible job co-hosting on Good Things Utah last week. She hosted on Wednesday and although I was sick Scott and I got to watch her at home. Scott thought it was pretty cool to his Aunt on TV. What an incredible experience for her. A once in a lifetime kind of moment. Jess has more pictures on her blog if you want to see them. Oh, so does Jasmine as her and Mom were able to go down and watch her in person. I was so bummed to not make it! But what a thrill for Jess. Yeah Jess!!!
Quick update on Scott. We saw the ENT yesterday but were unable to determine if he needed to have the tube removed from his left ear because he currently has an ear infection. Dr. Denys believes that the right tube will fall out of his ear canal any day now. So we have 10 days of drops and then back to see Dr. Denys to see if the infection has cleared. If it has then we can determine when and how to remove the tube. I am hoping that it will fall out on its own. We do have a few more months for this to happen. If the infection has cleared then he will see the audiologist for the hearing test. With the infection in full bloom Dr. Denys said that we would not get an accurate reading. His next appointment is on Monday the 25th @ 10:30. So Scott will have a full week of school before his misses his first day of school of the new year.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

But summer isn't over yet.....

Well, the reason for the long delay in blog messages is that last week I was down with a sinus infection that just kicked my butt. I was down and out for a full three days. Barely staying awake enough to know where my son was and what he was into. Yeah, what he was into... He is six and when the cat is sick the mouse will play. I am still not over the sinus infection and am now just barely keeping my head above water.

I am shock at quickly the summer has flown by. I am in total getting ready for school mode. Trying to figure out what to buy in the way of clothes and shoes and we don't find out what schedule Scott is on until the Thursday before he starts school.

I also have to take him to the audiologist on the 13th to determine how much hearing loss he has. We have been battling ear problems with Scott since he was two weeks old. We no sooner have the tubes out then we are back to ear infections and chronic sinus problems. In his last physical it was determined that he was suffering from mild hearing loss and still has a tube in that needs to be removed. So we will find out how much hearing loss there is and if he will need to have surgery to remove the tube in the ear canal and the one remaining in the ear drum. I am sincerely hoping it will be an in office sort of thing they can do. I cannot afford for Scott to actually have to go thru a surgery. Not to mention he has hard time coming out of anesthesia and he is groggy for a good day or so.

On Saturday the 2nd Star and I celebrated our 8th anniversary! It is hard to believe it has been 8 years. There are days when it seems just like yesterday that we were married. Although our eight years have been full of financial and health crisis's we are more in love now than we were the day we married. I would not trade any of the last eight years for anything. Despite everything we have been truly blessed. The Lord continues to look out for us despite the fact that we come up lacking most of the time. Our biggest blessing of course is Scott and has brought much JOY into our lives and I look forward to each milestone, OK sometimes I do approach them with some trepidation. When he started school I was not sure I wanted him to leave and when school ended I was thinking what am I going to do with him.

Star and I had free passes for a movie so we went to see the latest Mummy movie and then we went to Los Hermonas and we shared a plate of Nachos. We managed to spend under $30 for the whole date. It was really nice to be together with out Scott. Eve took Scott to Scera park where he could play in the water and sprinklers. It really is a fun place.

We enjoyed the the Mummy but did not care for the actress that played Evie. The chemistry between the main characters just was not there. Other than that it was a typical Mummy movie with all the cheesy lines and lots of Brendan Frasier. We will undoubtedly buy it when it is released so we can complete our collection. We did go see Mama Mia the weekend before and LOVED it.

I have been trying to load some pictures from our wedding but they will not seem to load. So maybe I will put them in a slide show on my sidebar. We recently reformatted our hard drive and put stuff on a CD, now I can't load them. Anyway keep looking for them in the next day or two.

By the way, Robyn, thank you for your email about the meanest mom. Thank you, it meant a lot to me. Your right, it will not be the last time I hear it. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's official-I am a mean Mom!

So, it finally happened. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I have been told it would. I have read about it happening. I mean it is not like we need to alert Oprah or the morning talk shows. It happens to every parent at some point in their long journey of parenthood. I was informed by my six year old son, Scott, that I am a mean mom. For which I promptly replied, "I must be doing something right."

This was met with complete silence before Star started in on one of his mini sermons. Before he could get to far Scott ran out of the room crying. Which is a pretty typical response from him. He never bothers to finish hearing what we are actually trying to say. He hears a few key words and off he goes. I secretly think that Star does it on purpose.

The silly thing is that it was over playing a game of Sorry with the Bartholomew's. It was already going on 8:30. Now, in all honesty, he does love to spend time with the Bartholomew's. They are an incredible family even if Scott and John have a hard time getting along.

I of course found the perfect Calvin and Hobbs cartoon. It is about his Dad but I felt it worked in this situation.

I guess I took a serious dip in the polls tonite. Ahhh, I am sure it is not the last time that I will hear my son utter those words to me.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Calvin & Hobbs

About two weeks ago Eve and I were sitting on the back porch watching Scott doing his usual antics of war when during our banter back and forth she said that Scott was like Calvin. I gave her a funny look and she says as in Calvin and Hobbs. As soon as she said it I knew she was right! Calvin is not malicious but he is definitely mischievous. He has a best friend that is a stuffed tiger with a personality all its own. Everyone of Scott's stuffed animals have personalities and he converses with them, even sometimes to me and Dad. And heaven forbid that one of them should come up missing. We lost a small elephant named Dumbo over a year ago. He still cries every now and then for it. He secretly blames Aunt Jasmine for it, sorry gotta blame someone :)!

As we are sitting there talking we discuss particularly the snow cartoons because Scott is a snow boy. A Utah boy thru and thru! We could see Scott building an army of snowmen just to turn around and have war with them where they all get annihilated.

There are so many similarities that it is just uncanny. It has definitely helped us understand what he does sometimes. I sent these two strips to Ammon. The first I stated was what Scott must be thinking when I send him to bed.

This next one is more a question of spirit of the law vs the letter of the law, that line I think gets blurred for children. Although it frustrates me when I look back I laugh about it.

I found a few about bike riding that just made me bust up. Because I look back I think to myself "Really, that has to be what he was thinking."

I hope that these cartoons will be legible for everyone to read. If not email me and I will send them to you via email.
Cheerio for now.