Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One down & one to go & an update on Star

For those of you following this blog and wondering if I finally have gotten around to taking my test's-I finally took the first one. This was the practical exam which means it was a demonstration of my knowledge. I sat in a room with four other ladies, the instructor and the examiner. The examiner watches your every move! It is very nerve racking.I felt confident that I would pass the exam but by the time you get into the room, sit down, and they start reading the instruction I found that my cheeks felt like they were on FIRE! How embarrassing! I mean after all I know my stuff, right? Right! Then by halfway thru the exam I found my hands shaking! How embarrassing! I mean after all I know my stuff, right? Right! But it sure doesn't stop the nerves from wreaking havoc on you.

After the exam is over you haul all your stuff out to the waiting room where you wait for about 10 minutes while they calculate whether you have passed or failed. I tried to engage the other ladies in conversation but to no avail, there nerves obviously make them clam up while mine make me want to talk. Oh well.So after about 10 minutes the interviewer walk’s out and hands you a paper with your score. At first I thought I would wait until I was in the car and then I just couldn't. I turned down the flap and there it was the score.......PASS!!! I mean after all I know my stuff! I am good at what I do.

I walk out to the rear of my car and dig out my purse and then fish out my phone and call Star. He was not surprised to hear I had passed but it didn't stop the tears of relief that sprang to my eyes anyway. What a stress reliever to finally have it over. I have literally made myself sick over taking this test. One down, one to go. The next test is all by computer and I feel will be less stressful to take, which is next week.

Side not on Star, Star has been sick for a month now. Throwing up and constant nausea. So about two weeks ago I made him go to the doctor and this started a string of test's, medications, and more test's. He had an MRI done yesterday that showed he has gall stones. Tomorrow he has another test that will constrict his gall bladder and show how serious the problem is. So it looks like we are looking at surgery sometime in the next week for Star. He has started to process of taking a medical leave to help protect his job and health benefits.

As for me I believe that I have finally kicked the bronchitis! My word it took long enough, 6 weeks was definitely long enough!



I'm glad to hear your feeling better, and just in time to take care of a sick hubby! Those are the worst! :D Give Star our love and best of luck with everything!


Tasha I love you! thank you so very much. Read my update from today. I just finished reading your blog and it was great to see a picture of you on it.