Monday, June 8, 2009

Eve's wedding, Star's surgery, and a little trip

The past three weeks have been a blur of activity! On the 23 of May my sister-in-law, Eve, got married to Randy Bird. The wedding turned out beautiful! As with all wedding's there is much chaos but in the end it was great!

Then on Tuesday the 26th Star had his gall bladder surgery. What I found ironic about this was when the surgeon came out and showed me a picture of his gall bladder. He told me that all the yellow spots in it is where the gall bladder was becoming infected. When we met with the surgeon he was like, well your not displaying the symptoms that would require we remove the gall bladder, so it is totally your decision as to whether you remove it or not. Ya, after the surgery he was telling me it was a good decision to have it removed. Ya think! I kept telling the surgeon that Star does not display typical symptoms that most people do. Oh well it is over and done now and his follow up is on June 17th. The cost is amazingly out of control and with sucky insurance we will do our best to get this all paid off sometime in the next four years. I truly believe that part of the issue of Star not having as much pain as he should have with a gall bladder that was infected is because of IsAgenix. The health properties of these products are absolutely amazing!

The really nice part out of the past few weeks was our little trip to Layton for four days. As a thank you gift from Eve she paid for a hotel room for us for four days. So we opted to go North and visit with my family. We enjoyed days of hanging out at the pool, hanging out in the hotel room doing gel toes, and hanging out at my sister's houses and my parents. It was layed back and we got to see the Thunderbirds fly over in preparations for their performance at Hill. We loved it. We also got to see our friends the Wilkersons when we got back. They had been in California for a funeral and they got home and we left. So we hadn't had a chance to hang out together for two weeks.