Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wow its been a while

Wow, I did not realize it had been so long since I posted to anything.

Sorry for that. Most of you have probably quit checking it by now.

Anyhow here is a quick update on the Churchill family. Star started working for Superior Lamp out of New Jersey. Great job, downside is it is straight commission and we are having to adjust to this type of pay. Not to mention that because of budget cuts companies are finding it difficult to pay a little more up front and not as much down the road. It is a green company and their products are superior. Star's health has taken a turn for the better thank heaven. It would seem that between Isagenix and taking out his gal bladder he is doing tons better. He still continues the battle with his Diabetes but Isagenix has helped a ton in that area as well. We struggle to pay for his insulin which runs us over $200 a month. We have several agencies that are helping us try to find a way to get the manufacturer to give it to us or at least at a huge discount. He takes Humilin R and the company that manufacturers it does not do patient assistance. Thus the help of the agencies.

I am currently, avidly, trying for more clients. I am starting a self walking ad campaign by dropping of flyer's to the neighborhoods where I live. It is glitter toe season and I am hoping to pick up tons more clients for that.

Scott stands nearly 4 1/2 feet tall, size 8 shoes, and over a 100 pounds. He continues to grow faster than I can keep up with. He saw the foot doctor a few weeks back and the orthodicts we bought a year ago that are supposed to last two years has only lasted one year. So we have to come up with another large sum of money to pay for those. Unless Chip picks up the bill which would be GREAT! Scott continues to be into everything or anything military related. Including Star Wars and Vikings. His best playmate lives two doors down and they are so alike in what they play that it is a hoot to listen to them. We do seem to have issues with Scott being rather emotional over things. This is a new one for me,he has always been sensitive but what he cries over really baffles me. I have heard that this is typical for 8 yr old's. I sometimes wonder if he has PMS. I would expect this from a girl not a boy. But then again he is my son and I have depression issues so we will keep an eye on it.

We have another wedding in the family taking place in June. My brother Jay is getting married again. This time in Arizona. I am not sure if we can afford to go. Although I would LOVE to see Audria!!!!! I miss you woman!!!

My parents are doing well and so are the rest of the family. TTFN.