Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer fun 2010

Can you say WOW summer is almost over. Well at least for kids. School starts in a week and a half and I can hardly believe it.

We have had one jammed packed summer. We started it off early with our trip to Alaska. What a truly wonderful and enjoyable trip that was! We had a fantastic time and it exceeded all our expectations. And I cannot believe that I forgot to post about it or post our pictures. What a terrible shame that is! We took a few weeks to recoup from that.

We have been busy hanging out in the back yard with the neighbors and the kids. It has been so much fun. For the fourth of July, what family I have left in Utah, came down to hang out at our place. We bbq-ed and then the whole complex got together and we let of fireworks. It was awesome!!!!

Scott started swim lessons the last week of July and into August. Man it takes up your entire morning. It is prime time client time and it has been a struggle. We also have had the round of dentist appointments, Dr appointments, and foot Dr appointments. It seems to be a never ending round. I know they are all necessary but again it cuts into client time and it has been hard getting all my client scheduled in.

On the 24th of July my Uncle Gene passed away from a four year battle with cancer. It was harder than I anticipated letting him go. We knew for weeks that it was imminent but none the less his passing has left me and still leaves me teary eyed. I have lost three Aunts and Uncles to cancer and one Uncle from a stroke and one Aunt and one Uncle from diabetes all in the past 10 years. I know it is one of those burdens when you have such an extended family and I gladly take it for all the memories I have of them growing up. I love and miss you all!

The up side to all that is that I got to spend two days catching up with the rest of my Aunts and Uncles and all my cousins. We now have two generations of cousins running around the place and I love it!! I enjoyed being in St. George again. What fun memories I have of living their.

School in a week and a half, wow, its been a busy summer! And I have enjoyed the wonderful thunder storms we had last week, plain and simple summer fun!